Unstoppable summer toolkit

Resources you can use to help make summer unstoppable.

Everyone wants an endless summer. Those long glorious days that roll into weeks. No one wants it cut short. And to make sure it isn’t, we all need to do our bit.

We need to show New Zealand that washing their hands, scanning QR codes, turning on Bluetooth tracing and staying home if they’re sick is the best way to unite and make our summer unstoppable.

Unstoppable summer: A COVID-19 public service announcement

Warning: video contains flashing images. Please look away if you have a history of photosensitive epilepsy or suffer from migraines.

Music videos

Music videos

To help to make summer unstoppable, we have developed a music track featuring Dr Ashley Bloomfield. This video is available to use at events and festivals. If you would like the raw video files, please contact us at covid.comms@dpmc.govt.nz

Order summer collateral for your business or event

Order collateral to help your business, organisation or event make summer unstoppable.

Order collateral to help make summer unstoppable (external link)

If you cannot use this form, email us to order.

Email Covid.Comms@dpmc.govt.nz

Event activation toolkit

If you are running an event this summer it is important that it is as safe as possible for you and your event attendees. To help you play your part, we’ve created an event activation toolkit, as well as a checklist to ensure your event is as safe as possible.


Make summer unstoppable — poster templates

You can add text or images relevant to events, people or places in your region.

Make summer activities unstoppable

Scan QR codes

Turn on Bluetooth tracing

Stay home if you’re sick

Wash your hands

Put your QR code here

This poster has space in the centre to add your event’s QR code, name and address details.

Design support to create other collateral

You can download our posters and add in your own text or images so they work for you. If you need something else to help your business, organisation or event make summer unstoppable, contact us with your design request. Please include a high resolution image and the relevant specs. We cannot cater to every request but we’ll do our best to provide you with design files.

Email your request to Covid.Comms@dpmc.govt.nz

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