Travel safely these school holidays

Everyone can travel these school holidays, but be cautious and considerate, particularly if you plan to travel to, from or through Auckland.

Stay home and do not travel if you are sick.

If you become unwell with cold or flu symptoms while on holiday, self-isolate and call Healthline, your GP or Nurse Practitioner who can advise whether you should be tested. If you’re advised to get a test, please do so — do not wait until you get home.

Continue to sign into places using the NZ COVID Tracer app or keep a record of where you’ve been. This is especially important when on holiday because you may not remember all the locations you’ve visited.

Maintain good hygiene, including washing and drying your hands, or use hand sanitiser if you cannot wash your hands.

You legally must wear a face covering on public transport in Auckland, and we encourage you to wear one on public transport in the rest of New Zealand. Face coverings are mandatory when travelling into, from or through Auckland on public transport. This includes flights and inter-regional buses or trains.

If you’re leaving Auckland, please travel safely. We encourage you to behave as if you’re carrying your Alert Level with you. This means practise good hygiene, maintain physical distancing, avoid large gatherings and wear a face covering when it’s difficult to keep your distance from people you do not know.

If you’re visiting Auckland, gatherings are restricted to a maximum of 100 people and you legally must wear a face covering on public transport.