Brisbane Airport Green Zone Breach — Updated advice for travellers

Queensland health authorities have advised a change in classification for some passengers who flew from Brisbane to NZ on Thursday 29 April.

Following this advice, the Ministry of Health asks all affected travellers from Brisbane to New Zealand on Thursday afternoon and evening (NZ time) to follow its updated health advice. 

Background of the reported breach

The reported breach is linked to two individuals from a red zone country who were in the café and also used the toilets, both accessible to green zone passengers. The two individuals were tested in Brisbane with one returning a negative result and the other returning a weak positive, confirmed by a second PCR test.

It remains reassuring that the two red zone individuals wore masks, maintained social distancing, had very little interaction with others and have not been symptomatic.

Affected travellers are now considered Casual Plus contacts

While the health risk from the green zone breach event remains low, the Queensland authorities have advised New Zealand counterparts that those travellers who were in two locations of interest at specified times within the international terminal are Casual Plus contacts.

Locations of interest

The two locations of interest are:

  • Hudson’s coffee stand and adjacent seating between 9.23am and 11.20am Thursday 29 April Queensland time, and
  • the male toilet adjacent to Gate 79 between 11.23am and 11.15pm when the toilet was cleaned.

Affected flights

The three flights affected are:

  • Air New Zealand NZ 202 from Brisbane to Christchurch which arrived around 4.30 pm on Thursday 29 April
  • Air New Zealand NZ 146 from Brisbane to Auckland which arrived at 5.30 pm on Thursday 29 April
  • Qantas QF 135 from Brisbane to Christchurch yesterday.

Affected travellers are advised to isolate and contact Healthline

As a precaution, anyone who was at these locations at these times should now immediately return home or to their accommodation, isolate until they get a negative result from a day five test on Tuesday 4 May.

Travellers who were in either of these two locations at this time should contact Healthline on 0800 358 5453 and register as a casual plus contact.

The Ministry of Health’s contact tracing team will be contacting passengers on the three flights tomorrow.

The Ministry remains in contact with Queensland Health authorities and will provide updates as more information becomes available.