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Advice in New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).

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We're currently reviewing this content. The advice is from when New Zealand was last at Alert Levels 3 and 2. It may be out of date.

Introduction to this website

Our website has everything you need to know about COVID-19. Get reliable information, updates, and answers to your FAQs.

About COVID-19

What is COVID-19?

Symptoms (external link)

Dedicated 0800 number (external link)

Advice on self isolation (external link)

How it spreads (external link)

Prevention (external link)

Immunisation (external link)

COVID-19 Alert Level system

New Zealand has a 4-level COVID-19 Alert System. Each Alert Level tells us what measures we need to take.

NZSL videos about the COVID-19 Alert Level system (external link)

Alert Level 2

New Zealand is at Alert Level 2.

YouTube playlist about Alert Level 2 (external link)

Going out, gatherings, public venues, funerals and tangihanga at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Workplaces and businesses at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Healthcare at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Choice in community living and supported living at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Community residential services provided under the High and Complex Framework at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Day services will be open in a limited way at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Disability support services at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Home and community support services at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Other services that are available and some NASC appointments will resume at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Alert Level 3

YouTube playlist about Alert Level 3 (external link)

Food and shopping (external link)

Work (external link)

Do I need a mask and gloves when I go to work? (external link)

Can I continue to volunteer outside the home? (external link)

Education (external link)

Is it safe for my child to go to school? (external link)

Tertiary education (external link)

Gatherings (external link)

Can I go to a funeral? (external link)

Can I go to someone's house for dinner? (external link)

Can I create a bubble with another person? (external link)

Extending your bubble (external link)

What can I do outside the house? (external link)

Where can I travel? (external link)

Can I go outside to exercise? (external link)

Can I access community health services like my dentist or optometrist? (external link)

Can I get a flu shot? (external link)

What other services are available to me? (external link)

Can I use cash or cheques to pay for things? (external link)

Can I visit the post office to pay my bills? (external link)

Kāinga Ora — working with customers during COVID-19 (external link)


YouTube playlist about wellbeing (external link)

It's OK to ask for help (external link)

It's OK to have feelings (external link)

Looking after your mental wellbeing (external link)

Staying mentally healthy (external link)

Stay connected (external link)

Check in with others who might need help (external link)

Continue with your mental health treatment (external link)

Are you struggling? (external link)

At-risk people (external link)

What do I do if I feel unsafe in my bubble? (external link)

General information

YouTube playlist of general COVID-19 information (external link)

Are you and your whanau unwell? (external link)

Food and other things you need to live (external link)

Where can I get help with money? (external link)

Where can I get financial support? (external link)

Accommodation support (external link)

Total Mobility Subsidy to 30 June 2020 (external link)

Animal welfare (external link)

Information for international visitors (external link)

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