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How to travel on a return green flight back to New Zealand if you're stranded in Australia (except for NSW).

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If you've been in NSW in the past 14 days

The information on this page is for people travelling from Australia except from New South Wales (NSW).

If you're in NSW, or have been in NSW in the 14 days before your flight, you cannot travel to New Zealand from another state. You can only enter New Zealand on a managed return flight from NSW, and you legally must enter managed isolation (MIQ).

Travel information for NSW

Daily updates

3pm 28 July 2021: We added opening hours for the urgent travel assistance helplines.

Quarantine-free travel from Australia is suspended

Quarantine-free travel from all Australian states and territories is suspended.

If you're currently in Australia (except for in NSW) and you usually live in New Zealand, you have until 11:59pm (NZT) Friday 30 July to return home.

If your return flight departs Australia before 11:59pm (NZT) on 30 July, you will not need to go into managed isolation (MIQ) when you arrive in New Zealand. 

After 30 July, eligible travellers in Australia will need to book red flights, however this may not happen immediately. These travellers will also have to book a space in MIQ.

The suspension will continue for at least 8 weeks and will be reviewed in September.

Travel information if you're in NSW

We're committed to getting you home

For New Zealanders in Australia, the Government is committed to getting you home and recognises how challenging the situation is for travellers.

We are running return green flights until Friday 30 July to get people who usually live in New Zealand home. If we have not met the demand for New Zealanders to return in that time, we will work with airlines to extend these flights for a few days to make sure everyone who intends to return can do so.

Who can travel

If you're in Australia (except NSW), and you usually live in New Zealand, we encourage you to return to New Zealand on the next available return green flight. 

These flights are intended for those who live in New Zealand and are trying to get home from Australia. Once red flights start, flights back to Australia may be limited.

The following people are eligible to book a flight home:

  • New Zealand citizens.
  • New Zealand permanent residents or resident visa holders.
  • Citizens of Australia or persons who hold current permanent resident visas (including a resident return visa) issued by the Government of Australia who last departed New Zealand on or after 6 April 2021.
  • Holders of New Zealand temporary visas who last departed New Zealand on or after 6 April 2021.
  • Spouses, civil union partners, de facto partners, dependent children or parents of dependent children of any of the above categories.

Please contact your airline to book your flights.

If you need to transit through another state

You cannot transit NSW on your way to New Zealand.

Check the transit requirements for other states with your airline.

What you must do before you travel

There are some things you must do to make sure you do not break New Zealand law. You may not be able to board the plane if you do not meet these requirements.

We recommend you allow plenty of time at the airport to get all of your documentation checked.

If you do not meet these requirements

If you try to return to New Zealand without meeting all these requirements, you will be subject to the following:

  • You will immediately be placed in managed isolation (MIQ) in New Zealand (also known as hotel quarantine) for 14 days and undergo regular COVID-19 testing.
  • You will be charged for your stay, unless you can get an exemption.
    MIQ costs(external link) (external link)
  • You may also be fined up to NZD$1,000.

If you follow all health and travel advice, you will not be fined or charged.

Travel restrictions

You cannot travel to New Zealand if you:

  • have been in NSW in the past 14 days, or
  • have COVID-19 symptoms, or
  • have been at a location of interest in the past 14 days, or
  • are waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test, or 
  • are under orders from health officials to isolate or get tested for COVID-19.

You cannot transit through NSW.

Locations of interest in Australia

If you travel from or transit through Victoria

If you're returning to New Zealand from Victoria or you transit through Victoria after 11:59pm on 23 July, there are some additional requirements you need to follow.

You do not need to enter MIQ if you have travelled from or been in Victoria, but you must do the following: 

  • Follow the lockdown rules in Victoria and all local health advice.
  • Self-isolate immediately at your home after you return to New Zealand — you can travel to get home.
  • Continue to isolate for at least 3 days and get a COVID-19 test at day 3.
  • Isolate until you have a negative result.

These instructions are outlined in a section 70 order(external link)(external link) (external link)

A section 70 order underscores the importance of you following the advice.

You can self-isolate at a friend or family member's home. The people you stay with do not need to self-isolate. However, we recommend they should:

  • try to keep 2 metres apart from you as much as possible
  • not invite visitors over
  • minimise the time they spend in shared spaces such as the kitchen or living room.

Follow the Ministry of Health guidelines for self-isolation (external link)

The people you live with should continue to monitor their health for COVID-19 symptoms. If someone you live with develops COVID-19 symptoms they should:

  • call Heathline on 0800 358 5453 for advice on getting a test
  • stay at home until they get a negative result, and for 24 hours after their symptoms have stopped.

The Ministry of Health will contact you on day 1 and day 3 to check your health and wellbeing and to make sure you have had a day 3 test.

We recommend you:

  • wear face coverings when travelling to and from the airport in Australia and New Zealand, and
  • use a safe travel method, for example a taxi or other private vehicle.

There may be significant delays at Melbourne airport as e-gates will not be in use for boarding. We recommend you give yourself plenty of time to complete all the pre-departure checks before your flight.

Travelling to New Zealand after 30 July

After 11:59pm (NZT) on Friday 30 July, you must book your space in MIQ to travel to New Zealand. You'll need to:

  • meet New Zealand border entry requirements before you can travel, and
  • pay for your stay in MIQ.

Make sure you know whether you can travel to New Zealand after 30 July, as entry will be restricted to New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, and those who have a critical purpose to travel.

You may be able to apply for some or all of your MIQ cost to be waived if you are under financial hardship. These applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

More information on who can travel to New Zealand at Immigration NZ (external link)

How to apply for a fee waiver for MIQ (external link)

If you need urgent travel support

If you need urgent assistance about returning home, you can call helplines for advice.

If you're in Australia, you can call:

If you're calling from New Zealand, call 0800 537 726.

You can call between 10am to 10pm (NZT), 7 days a week.

If you have questions about your booking, please contact your airline. 

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It is your responsibility to manage your costs for travel disruption. 

If you're unable to return home by 30 July

If you're unable to return to New Zealand by 11:59pm (NZT) on Friday 30 July, we encourage you to:

Register at SafeTravel to get the latest travel advice for Australia if the situation changes(external link) (external link)

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In an emergency

If you are a New Zealand citizen abroad you can get emergency consular assistance. You can access support for situations like lost or stolen passports, death, health issues and law infringements.

Consular assistance cannot help you book a commercial flight, or guarantee an airline's travel requirements.

Get emergency consular help by calling:

Emergency consular help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once you're in New Zealand

When you arrive back in New Zealand, there are some things you need to do to make sure you keep your whānau, friends and community safe from COVID-19.

Travel to Australia

If you normally live in Australia and are currently in New Zealand 

If you normally live in Australia and you're currently in New Zealand, you can travel home to Australia without having to quarantine on arrival.

After 30 July, options for travel from New Zealand may be limited as airlines reduce the number of flights available. 

If you're currently in New Zealand and want to return home to Australia, we recommend you contact your airline to confirm your booking and adjust your travel dates if you can. 

If you normally live in New Zealand and want to travel to Australia

The New Zealand Government has upgraded its travel advice for everyone in New Zealand to “do not travel to Australia”, unless you usually live in Australia and you are returning home.

If you need to travel, check the requirements you must meet with the Australian Government.

New Zealand safe travel zone | (external link)

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