After you arrive in New Zealand — pre-departure testing

What you need to present to officials, and day 0/1 testing after you arrive in New Zealand.

Presenting your negative test results to officials

You are responsible for bringing your test results or medical certificate to the airport and providing the required information. Without the information you may be denied boarding and be subject to an infringement fine.

Testing labs must be able to issue you a dated report for you to present.

It should have:

  • traveller’s name
  • traveller’s date of birth and/or passport number 
  • date and time the test was conducted
  • name of testing lab
  • test type
  • test result.

Either a hard copy or an electronic copy (email/text message) of your negative test result, or a Fit to Fly Certificate, will be accepted. A text message will be accepted only if it includes an image of the laboratory result form.

Hold on to all documents and treat your negative test results and Managed Isolation voucher with the same importance as your passport — you may be asked to show these as you transit and on arrival in New Zealand.

A day 0/1 test is still required upon arrival

Pre-departure testing is an additional measure to further reduce the risk of new COVID-19 cases in New Zealand, in line with our elimination strategy. It is complementary to existing testing requirements, such as day 0/1 testing, and does not duplicate them.

Travellers to New Zealand are required to undergo day 0/1 testing within 24 hours of arriving at a managed isolation and quarantine facility.

Travellers from Australia, Antarctica and most Pacific islands are exempt from day 0/1 testing.

Travelling without a negative test result

If you’re asked for evidence of your negative COVID-19 test result or a medical certificate, and you cannot provide it, you may be denied boarding.

You will be asked to provide this information to a Customs officer when entering New Zealand.

All travellers arriving in New Zealand after 8 February 2021 without evidence of a negative approved test may incur an infringement offence fee or a fine not exceeding $1,000.

The pre-departure test is a measure to keep us all safe. Most airlines already require travellers to have a pre-departure test and provide evidence of a negative result before boarding a plane. Pre-departure tests are also a legal requirement for most countries that are transit hubs.

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