Foreign nationals in New Zealand

Advice for foreign nationals about how to get home, and what to do if you cannot get home.

How to get home

You can use international air services to travel home. However, there may be limited options available. 

If you cannot secure a ticket, contact your country’s high commission, embassy or consulate in New Zealand.

Before you leave New Zealand

Check your home destination’s border restrictions

You may be required to self-isolate or enter managed isolation when you arrive, so it is best to check it now. Embassies will be able to help you find information.

Check any stopover country border restrictions

You may find that you are not allowed to transit through certain countries. Embassies will be able to help you.

Talk to a travel agent about your travel requirements

Even if you did not book your travel through a travel agent, they can let you know what is happening with your flight, or how to book a flight.

Check your flights

Use airline and airport websites to check your flight. Airline schedules have been disrupted so check that your flight is going ahead as scheduled.

Book a flight before arriving at an airport

Airline staff at airports are very busy trying to assist travellers, so make sure you book your flight before you arrive at the airport. Do not turn up at the airport more than 3 hours before departure. 

Check your visa

You are responsible for understanding how to meet the conditions of your visa in New Zealand at all times.

Verify the details of current New Zealand visas | (external link)

Immigration NZ provides information on visa extensions, new visa expiry dates and changes to visa conditions. Visit the Immigration NZ website to check information about your visa.

Visa extensions and visa conditions | (external link)

Consular assistance for foreign nationals

If you require assistance, you can contact your embassy, high commission or consular representative.

Find an embassy or foreign representative to New Zealand | (external link)

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