Transit through New Zealand

The New Zealand Government has transit arrangements with some countries to make it easier for each country’s citizens to get home.

Transit agreements that say who may transit through New Zealand are published by Immigration New Zealand.

Transit arrangements from Immigration New Zealand (external link)

You should also check if you need to apply for a transit exemption from managed isolation or quarantine.

Exemptions to transit through New Zealand, and how to apply (external link)

Limited places in managed isolation

Spaces in managed isolation are extremely limited pre-Christmas, but may become available as travel plans change. We recommend you regularly check the Managed Isolation Allocation System website for your preferred date.

Managed Isolation Allocation System (external link)

Request an emergency allocation

Space in managed isolation is extremely limited. This means the criteria for requesting an emergency allocation have been restricted.

You can only request an emergency allocation if you meet both the following criteria:

  • You are a New Zealand citizen or resident-class visa holder.
  • You have an imminent threat to your life or serious risk to health, which requires urgent travel to New Zealand.

Very few emergency allocation requests will be granted. We encourage you to book in early to the Managed Isolation Allocation System, as this is the best way to guarantee your place.

Emergency allocation requests (external link)

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