Managed isolation and quarantine

Managed isolation and quarantine is an important part in ensuring we keep COVID-19 out of New Zealand.

About managed isolation and quarantine

Managed isolation is an important part of our border measures to keep COVID-19 out of New Zealand.

While our borders are closed, New Zealand citizens and permanent residents have a legal right to come home. Those returning to New Zealand have a responsibility do their part to stop COVID-19 spreading in New Zealand by completing 14 days in isolation before safely returning home.

Advice if you are — or want to — travel to New Zealand

The purpose of managed isolation is to ensure people do not have COVID-19 before they return to our communities. People are tested around day three and day 12 of their stay, and they must test negative before they can leave managed isolation.

More than 22,000 people have completed their managed isolation stay safely, and have returned to their loved ones and friends.

About the facilities

New Zealand currently has managed isolation and quarantine facilities in:

  • Auckland
  • Hamilton
  • Rotorua
  • Wellington
  • Christchurch.

All facilities are located within hotels.

Selection critera

All hotels selected for managed isolation or quarantine need to meet a strict set of criteria. This is to ensure that people staying and working in them are kept safe and that there’s a safe transition of people back into the community after their isolation period. 

Some of the criteria hotels must meet include:

  • security and entry/exit points
  • suitable room and bathroom facilities
  • adequate provision of food and drink delivered to rooms
  • safe laundry protocols
  • ability to ensure peoples wellbeing through the provision of online access and services.

Sole use

None of the hotels being used for quarantine or managed isolation are currently open to other guests. The government holds exclusive use of the hotel facilities.

On-site staff

There are over 500 government and contracted staff directly supporting managed isolation and quarantine. Each quarantine and managed isolation facility has an All-of-Government support team.

Staff on the ground at our managed isolation facilities have stood at the frontline of New Zealand’s defence against COVID-19, doing essential work to ensure people can complete their stay safely and comfortably.

Each team works alongside facility management to support the health, wellbeing, security, supplementary logistics and administration of the people staying in the facility.

Each team has representatives from:

  • Ministry of Health (health and wellbeing)
  • Defence (administration and logistics)
  • Police and Aviation Security (security)
  • Ministry of Social Development (welfare).

The size of each team varies slightly based on facility capacity and the extra support required. For example there are more health professionals at a quarantine facility than a managed isolation facility.

The multi-agency teams are responsible for managing the facilities and providing health and wellbeing support, security and assistance to guests, hotel staff and other government agency personnel. 

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