How to display your QR code poster

Having a QR code in a prominent place makes it easier for anyone visiting you to keep track of where they have been.

Display your QR code poster in a prominent place

You must display your QR code in a prominent place at or near the main entrance. You must have additional QR codes available to scan in other places around your business  — for example, at counters where people go up to pay, at the reception desk or in areas where customers and visitors regularly walk past.

You can print as many copies of your QR code poster as you like, but each location needs its own QR code. Your poster also needs to be in good condition so it is easy to scan for your customers and visitors.

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Do's and don'ts


  • print in A4 and in colour if possible
  • place the poster about 130cm off the ground
  • make it easy for people to reach
  • consider those that may be less able to reach over or around objects.

Do not:

  • crop or alter the poster or code 
  • place the poster on sliding or revolving doors
  • place in narrow, or hard-to-see areas
  • place in an area with high glare
  • place high up or in hard-to-reach areas.

All businesses and workplaces must display an NZ COVID Tracer QR code

You need a separate poster for each unique location. 

Public transport and small passenger services

All public transport services and small passenger services, like taxis, are legally required to display QR codes to help passengers keep track of where they have been. 

This includes buses, trains, planes, ferries and ride-share vehicles.

Public transport services must display additional copies of QR codes in prominent places  — such as windows to make it easier and more accessible for passengers to scan in. 

Public transport services that have less than 5 seats, taxis and ride-share vehicles only need to display one QR code. 

Workplaces without fixed premises

Workplaces without fixed premises still need to display QR codes. You must display a QR code at any place where work is being carried out. This includes any place where a worker goes, or is likely to be, while at work.

While QR codes are linked to a unique location, this does not have to be a fixed location. For example, you can get a QR code for a work vehicle.

Private gatherings and events

If you are organising an event or gathering, you can choose to have a QR code poster.

Advice on record keeping and contact tracing

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