Shopping and services at Red

Shops, retail outlets and close-proximity businesses can open at Red with some protections. You can have tradespeople and home services inside your home.

Key points

  • Shops, retail outlets, and close-proximity businesses, such as barbers, can open at Red.
  • The number of people allowed inside a business depends on how large the premises is.
  • You must wear a face mask indoors when visiting shops, retail outlets and close-proximity businesses.
  • You can have tradespeople and home services inside your home.

Shops and retail businesses can open

Shops, including outdoor markets, banks, food courts and takeaway-only businesses, can open at Red. The number of people allowed at a retail outlet depends on how large the premises is.

It is the responsibility of the business to ensure it complies with capacity limits based on its defined space and 1-metre physical distancing.

Some retail businesses can choose to follow My Vaccine Pass requirements, though this does not change how many people can be there. If they do, they can require you to show your My Vaccine Pass to be at the shop.

Defined spaces at Red

Close-proximity businesses can open

You can visit a close-proximity business at Red. You should keep 1 metre apart from other customers and workers, except when close contact is required to provide the service.

Examples of close-proximity businesses include:

  • barbers
  • hairdressers
  • beauty salons
  • driving instructors
  • massage therapists.

Businesses may have additional restrictions under Red, for example, some hairdressers may choose to not provide refreshments. Check with the business before you go.

These rules also apply to people providing close-proximity services in people’s homes — for example, mobile hairdressers.

Trades and services can come to your home

You can have tradespeople and home services inside your home. Tradespeople must wear a face mask when inside your home.

Examples of trades and home services are:

  • getting home appliances fixed, like your fridge
  • utility services, like gas and power
  • cleaning for people who need assistance because of sickness or disability
  • gardening services
  • getting internet or other services installed or fixed
  • locksmiths
  • vet and pest management services.

While they are inside your house it is strongly recommended you:

  • keep 1 metre apart from them, and
  • wear a face mask.

If you are isolating

Do not invite tradespeople or home service providers into your home if you are isolating or are unwell — unless it is an emergency or you have a support carer.

If you have COVID-19

Face masks

Face masks help reduce the spread of COVID-19. At Red, you are encouraged to wear a face mask whenever you leave your house wherever it is practical. You do not need to wear a face mask outdoors. You can remove your face mask to eat or drink.

You must wear a face mask:

  • inside retail businesses, for example, supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies and petrol stations
  • in takeaway food stores
  • at a vet clinic
  • when visiting a close-proximity business, for example, hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons.

At a close-proximity business, you may be able to remove your face mask if you could not receive the service if you left it on. An example is getting a beard trim. Check with the staff before you take your face mask off.

Retail workers, tradespeople and workers at close-proximity businesses must wear a face mask.

Find a full list of where you must wear a face mask:

Wear a face mask

Keep up healthy habits

Healthy habits help protect you, your whānau and others from catching or spreading COVID-19. Examples include:

  • wear a face mask indoors
  • stay home when sick
  • open windows to let out stale air
  • wash or sanitise your hands
  • physically distance from people you do not know.

Keep up healthy habits

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