Businesses and workplaces at Orange

Businesses and workplaces can open at Orange. Some workers may need to be vaccinated and some must wear a face mask.

Get your work ready for COVID-19

If you are a business owner or manager, think about what steps you can take to protect your workers and customers if there is a positive case of COVID-19 in your workplace.

Use the step-by-step guide on to develop a plan for your business.

Managing the impact of COVID-19 cases at your business | (external link)

Face masks

Face masks help reduce the spread of COVID-19. At Orange, you are encouraged to wear a face mask in public indoor settings wherever it is practical. You do not need to wear a face mask outdoors.

Find a full list of where you must wear a face mask:

When to wear a face mask

Some people must wear a face mask when they are working with members of the public, customers or clients while they are at work — unless they are exempt.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has advice about the requirements for face masks in different sectors:

Face mask requirement for workers and customers | (external link)

Working at a business

Workplaces are open at Orange.

Employees should talk to their employers about working at Orange or read more at

Working at Orange | (external link)

My Vaccine Pass requirements

There is no requirement to use My Vaccine Pass. Businesses will still be able to use the system if they would like to.

Requiring My Vaccine Passes | (external link)

Vaccination status for workers

Some workplaces may be covered by vaccine mandates. This means workers in businesses covered by the mandate need to be fully vaccinated.

Vaccination and work

Visiting a business

If you are a visitor or customer at a business that has chosen to check My Vaccine Passes, you will need to show them your pass.

Businesses may check your My Vaccine Pass by looking at it, or scanning the QR code on your My Vaccine Pass with the NZ Pass Verifier app.

Children under 12 years and 3 months can enter businesses without a My Vaccine Pass.

Operating under the traffic light settings

Businesses can find advice on operating safely under each of the traffic light settings at

COVID-19 Protection Framework | (external link)

NZ Pass Verifier app

Businesses can choose whether to require customers to have My Vaccine Passes as a condition of entry. If businesses choose to operate with My Vaccine Pass requirements, they must sight or verify customers' passes.

Businesses can use the free NZ Pass Verifier app to check passes quickly and easily.

More information on NZ Pass Verifier | Ministry of Health (external link)

Financial support

Use our COVID-19 financial support tool to find out what support may be available for you and your employees.

COVID-19 financial support tool

Financial support for businesses | (external link)

Close contact exemption scheme for critical workers

During the Omicron response, workers who at registered critical services who are a Household Contact may continue to work. They must be fully vaccinated and have no COVID-19 symptoms.

Critical workers

Keep up healthy habits

Even though we are a highly vaccinated country, COVID-19 can still spread in our communities. Slow the spread of the virus by keeping up healthy habits.

Keep up healthy habits

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