Access to basic needs at Green

Everyone is entitled to access services that provide basic needs, such as food, healthcare and public transport.

You do not need proof of vaccination

You will not be asked to show your My Vaccine Pass to access these places and services:

  • supermarkets
  • dairies
  • food banks
  • pharmacies
  • petrol stations
  • public transport services except air travel
  • essential health and disability services, including primary care services, specialist clinics, laboratories and imaging services, public and private hospitals, maternity care, hospice services, oral healthcare services, mental health care services, ambulances and emergency care 
  • aged residential care services as a resident
  • public housing and social housing
  • emergency accommodation for people in need.

Access to education

Children, students, their parents or caregivers will not be asked to provide proof of vaccination to access these places:

  • early childhood education and care centres
  • registered schools
  • secondary schools
  • school transport services
  • out of school care and recreation programmes.

Scan in or keep a record of where you go

Scan the QR code or keep a record of where you go. This will help with contact tracing for any cases in your community.

Keep up healthy habits to protect us

Even though we are a highly vaccinated country, COVID-19 can still spread in our communities.

To slow the spread of the virus, and continue to help protect you, your whānau, and your community, it is important to keep up the healthy habits we know.

  • Regularly wash and thoroughly dry your hands or use hand sanitiser.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Keep your distance from people you do not know.
  • Clean or disinfect shared surfaces often.
  • If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and get a test.

Keep up healthy habits

More information

Businesses can find more detailed information at

Retail advice under the COVID-19 Protection Framework | link) (external link)

Health providers can find more detailed information at

Advice for health providers under the COVID-10 Protection Framework | (external link)

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