Businesses and workplaces at Green

Businesses and workplaces can open at Green with no restrictions.

Working at a business

Workplaces are open at Green.

Vaccines and work

Some jobs require staff to be vaccinated. These include:

  • border and managed isolation and quarantine workers
  • health and disability workers
  • education sector workers
  • prison workers
  • New Zealand Police (sworn members, recruits and authorised officers)
  • New Zealand Defence Force (Armed Forces and civilian staff).

Workers in businesses covered by the My Vaccine Pass mandate need to be vaccinated. This applies to food and drink services (excluding businesses that operate solely as takeaways), events, close-proximity businesses and indoor exercise facilities like gyms. 

Workers in these businesses must be fully vaccinated, even if the business chooses not to operate with My Vaccine Pass requirements.

If a business is only offering takeaway food and drink, then workers do not need to be vaccinated.

Vaccine information for businesses

My Vaccine Pass mandate | (external link)

Vaccination assessment tool | (external link)

Guidance for employers and employees |  (external link)

Following My Vaccine Pass requirements

Retail businesses and workplaces can choose whether they require My Vaccine Pass for customers and visitors. If they do not, they may have to follow some restrictions. 

Businesses must display posters advertising if they require people entering to have a My Vaccine Pass.

They can also switch between requiring My Vaccine Pass and not requiring My Vaccine Pass. This could happen in places such as cafes where they have different groups entering the venue after each other.

If a business chooses to switch:

  • there must be no mingling of groups
  • rooms must be well ventilated
  • high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, must be cleaned between groups
  • everyone, both staff and visitors, must be told what the vaccine pass requirements are.

Advice for businesses on checking and verifying My Vaccine Passes | (external link)

Visiting a business

If you enter a business as a visitor or customer, follow the vaccine pass requirements at the venue. You may be required to show your My Vaccine Pass to access the service.

Scan in or keep a record of where you go

Scan the NZ COVID Tracer QR code or keep a record of where you go. This will help with contact tracing for any cases in the community.

Financial support

If you are waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test, or you are self-isolating because you have tested positive for COVID-19, your employer can apply for financial support for you so you can continue to get paid.

Financial support 

Keep up healthy habits to protect us

Even though we are a highly vaccinated country, COVID-19 can still spread in our communities. Slow the spread of the virus by keeping up healthy habits.

Keep up healthy habits

More information for businesses

Businesses can find more detailed information on

COVID-19 Protection Framework | (external link)

If your workplace is in the primary sector, the Ministry for Primary Industries also has information:

Operating under the COVID-19 Protection Framework | (external link)

Social service providers can find more information from the Ministry of Social Development.

COVID-19 Protection Framework guidance for social service providers | (external link)

Display posters to let everyone know what My Vaccine Pass requirements are in place at your business. 

Download My Vaccine Pass posters

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