How to use a RAT

There are different brands of rapid antigen tests (RATs), so follow the instructions provided in your kit, but they all follow the same basic method. This whole process should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Prepare the RAT kit

Get ready by blowing your nose and then washing and drying your hands.

Lay out the contents of your RAT kit — a tube of solution, a stopper, a swab, and the test cassette. Remove the swab (it looks like a long cotton ear bud).

Glide swab into nostril

Take the soft end and gently glide swab in 1 nostril, going low and slow, about 2 centimetres deep. Twirl the swab over the surface of the nostril around 5 times. Then repeat in your other nostril, going round again slowly 5 times.

Put swab into solution

Get the tube with solution, open it, keep it upright and make sure not to spill it.
Place the soft end of the swab into the solution and swirl about 5 times. You want to make sure that the swab is soaked.

Remove swab from solution

Then pinch the swab as you are removing it – squeeze as much liquid out as you can, to keep it in the tube. Place the stopper firmly on the tube.

Shake tube

Give the tube a shake or flick a couple of times so it gets a good mix. Then leave upright for about a minute.

Put drops on cassette

With the test cassette ready on a flat surface, take your tube (with the solution of your sample), and turn it upside down. Follow the kit instructions as to how many drops are needed for your test. Squeeze the drops through the stopper onto the well.

Wait 15 minutes

Wait for 15 minutes — set a timer if that helps. Again, check with the kit instructions as the waiting time may differ.

Check results

Check for results.

Invalid result

If there is no line at the C (C for control), or there are 3 lines, then the test did not work properly this time (it is invalid — this sometimes happens). You will need to do another test.

Negative result

If you see a single line at the C, this shows that the test has worked and you are negative for COVID-19.

Positive result

If you see 2 lines (even if it is a faint line at the T) then this shows you have tested positive for COVID-19. You and your household will need to isolate for at least 7 days.

Report your results

Please report your results (positive or negative):

This will allow you to be provided with any support required while isolating.

How to report your RAT result

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