Casual Contacts

Casual Contacts have been at the same place at the same time as someone with COVID-19. Find advice on what you and your household members need to do.

Who is a Casual Contact

You are considered a Casual Contact if you have been at a location of interest at the same time as someone infectious with COVID-19. But you may not have been near the person. Casual Contacts are at lower risk of getting sick with COVID-19.

How you will be notified

You may receive a yellow QR notification for a location of interest in the NZ COVID Tracer app. The notification will give you advice about what to do and a link for more information.

You can check locations of interest on the Ministry of Health website:

Locations of interest | (external link)

What you need to do

Whether you are vaccinated or not, you need to watch for symptoms for 10 days.

If you get symptoms:

  • get a test
  • stay home until you get a negative test result.

You can call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice on isolation and testing.

COVID-19 symptoms

If you live with a Casual Contact

You do not need to do anything if you live with someone who is a Casual Contact. This applies to both fully vaccinated and not fully vaccinated people.

Financial support

There’s financial support for people who need to stay at home due to COVID-19.

Financial support

More information

You can find more information and advice on the Ministry of Health’s website.

Contact tracing for COVID-19 | (external link)

If you test positive for COVID-19

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