NZ COVID Tracer app

The NZ COVID Tracer app helps you protect yourself, your whānau, and your community by enabling faster contact tracing.

What is the NZ COVID Tracer app

The NZ COVID Tracer app helps you keep track of where you have been. Using the app is one thing we can all do to help contact tracing go faster when there is a case of COVID-19 in the community, and stop it from spreading.

Use the NZ COVID Tracer app to:

  • scan QR codes to create a private digital diary of the places you visit — the more we scan the safer we will be
  • use Bluetooth tracing to keep an anonymised record of the people you have been near — turn it on under the 'Dashboard' section
  • register your contact details in the 'My data' section so contact tracers can get in touch if they need to
    How to register your information (external link)
  • save your National Health Index (NHI) number in the 'My data' section to speed up the process if you need a test
    Where to find your NHI number if you do not know it (external link)
  • add more details after you have scanned a QR code in the text box, such as who you are with or what you were doing — it is a great way to keep track of friends or whānau who do not have the app
  • add a manual entry if you cannot scan a QR code — you can view and edit your diary at any time
  • use a previous scan to manually backfill your diary
  • save locations you go to frequently.

How Bluetooth tracing works

Bluetooth tracing allows you to receive an alert if you have been near another app user who tests positive for COVID-19. It is safe, private and anonymous.

Bluetooth tracing does not replace scanning QR codes — you still need to keep track of where you have been. Bluetooth tracing helps keep track of the people you have been near. Think of it like your phone is giving a digital high-five to other people's phones.

You do not have to have the app open for it to work, but you do need to have Bluetooth on your phone turned on. It does not use mobile data or drain your phone battery.

Your data is private

Bluetooth tracing is entirely anonymous. No personal or identifying information swaps between phones. Bluetooth tracing cannot track your movements. No one will ever see who you have been near, or when or where you were near them, even if you test positive for COVID-19.

How privacy is protected in the NZ COVID Tracer app (external link)

Tap and go

Some places you visit will have tags that you can tap with your phone to create a diary entry. You can do this instead of scanning the QR code.

This is called Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC uses the same technology as contactless payments or tapping on and off your bus.

You can only tap in with NFC if the place you are visiting has NFC tags available. If they do not, just scan their QR code like usual.

The Ministry of Health has more information about NFC, which phones have this capability, and how to order tags for your business.

NFC tags for NZ COVID Tracer | (external link)

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