Exams and education

Different traffic light settings mean different things for schools, universities and other training places.

Study tips

You might need to study at home if you do not have a My Vaccine Pass. Being at home can make it hard to focus on school work, especially when everyone else is at home too. 

Studying can be stressful, but there are techniques you can use to cope. The Lowdown has advice.

Study stress | The Lowdown (external link)

You can get help and tips about preparing for NCEA Maths, Sciences and English exams at StudyIt. You can post an NCEA exam question on its discussion forum and a teacher/facilitator will respond.

StudyIt | studyit.govt.nz (external link) 

Auckland University has tips for studying at home, including staying active, keeping in touch with friends, and making to-do lists.

Tips for studying at home | Auckland University (external link)

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