What the Alert Levels mean

Alert Levels set out the different things we all have to do if there are some cases of COVID-19 in the community.

Alert Level 1

At Alert Level 1 life will feel pretty much like normal. You still need to wear a mask if you go shopping, or to public indoor spaces, like the cinema. Generally, it is a good idea to wear a mask if you are around people you do not know in crowded places. It helps stop the virus spreading from person to person.

What to do at Alert Level 1 (external link)

Alert Level 2

At Alert Level 2 you will be going to school as usual. You can play your usual sport, meet up with friends, and travel to different parts of the country. It is a good idea to wear a mask when you are out and about, and in some places like supermarkets you must wear one before you go in.

What to do at Alert Level 2 (external link)

Alert Level 3

At Alert Level 3, you could be learning at home and everyone else in your household bubble will probably still be staying home too. The good thing is that you can get takeaways at Alert Level 3, but you won't be able to hang out with all your friends. 

What to do at Alert Level 3 (external link)

Alert Level 4

Alert Level 4 means everyone needs to stay in their bubble. You will be learning from home, and your parents or caregivers will probably be at home all day too. You can still go outside and get some fresh air, just stay close to where you live. You will have to wait to see your friends in person again, but you can still video call them.

What to do at Alert Level 4 (external link)

The COVID-19 Protection Framework

When 90% of eligible New Zealanders are vaccinated, there will be changes to what things vaccinated people can do. We'll be freer to move and live with less disruption. 

Find out more about it here: The COVID-10 Protection Framework

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