Vaccine mandate for border and corrections workers to end

From 2 July 2022, the Government is removing the requirement for border and correction workers to be fully vaccinated.

The Government has announced an end to the requirement for border workers and corrections staff to be fully vaccinated. This will come into place from 2 July 2022.

Corrections staff in prisons are 100% vaccinated, and as of 23 June 2022, 97% of active border workers were fully vaccinated.

Vaccine mandates are under continuous review by the government and will be removed when it is safe to do so.

Vaccination has been one of our strongest and most effective defences to protect against COVID-19. It has helped protect our border and corrections workers and their whānau. The requirement has served its purpose well.

The risk COVID-19 poses at the border is much lower than it was previously. Along with high rates of vaccination among border workers, the number of passengers arriving by air with COVID-19 is less than 3%.

Corrections staff will also no longer be included in the Vaccination Order. Currently, all corrections staff in prisons are fully vaccinated and 72% of people in prison have been fully vaccinated.

How we manage COVID-19 in Aotearoa continues to change. As certain protections are no longer required we will remove them.

We have high levels of vaccination in the general population and we have increasing protection in the population from prior infection, so tools like vaccine mandates in most settings are no longer necessary.

Corrections and border workers have played an extremely important role throughout the pandemic. We thank them for their dedication and commitment to keeping us all safe.

Health and disability workers

The Vaccination Order remains in place for health and disability workers as they continue to have close interactions with people who are at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19. The settings for health and disability workers are reviewed regularly.

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