Two new cases of COVID-19

Air Commodore Darryn Webb, Head of Managed Isolation and Quarantine, has issued a media statement following today’s two positive COVID-19 test results.

Media statement

Today’s two positive test results from individuals in managed isolation re-enforce the measures put in place in relation to the assurance needed for returnees leaving after their 14 day stay, says Air Commodore Darryn Webb, Head of Managed Isolation and Quarantine.

“As the Director General of Health announced earlier today, COVID-19 tests on day 12 for two individuals in managed isolation came back positive, resulting in the standard response to ensure the safety of those involved,” Air Commodore Webb says.

“When we were notified of the positive test results, the on-site operational lead and health staff were notified, who activated our standard operating procedures when a positive test is returned, and the individuals were confined to their room. The hotel facility was also placed into a full lockdown this morning.

“All other returnees were also directed to return and remain in their rooms until further notice. This does mean those returnees who received a negative day 12 result will not be allowed to leave after their 14 days, until further advice from the Ministry of Health is received.

“Earlier today, those individuals involved were moved from the managed isolation facility to the quarantine facility with the appropriate health (including personal protective equipment) and safety protocols in place to ensure all individuals involved, including staff, remain safe.”

Further to the standard protocols in moving the individuals to the quarantine facilities, staff have reviewed security camera footage and a deep clean of all public areas has been completed.

As the Director General of Health also spoke to, on-site contact tracing has been initiated for these two individuals, and we will assist in facilitating this where necessary.

“Our measures at the border and in managed isolation and quarantine are our last line of defence while we remain in a global pandemic.

“As I reiterated yesterday, both publicly and to staff on the ground, no one is to leave without a negative test result on day 12 of their 14 day managed isolation period.

“Today’s cases have shown us the importance of ensuring these tests are undertaken, and the results received before authorising anyone to depart a facility.”

The following process is used when moving a confirmed positive case from a managed isolation facility to the quarantine facility:

  • The returnee is isolated in their room, whilst a dedicated quarantine transfer vehicle is sent from the quarantine facility.
  • The vehicle is crewed by a driver and an assistant in PPE.
  • Upon arrival of the transfer vehicle at the managed isolation facility, the returnee(s) is moved to the vehicle, with luggage placed in a trailer.
  • Upon arrival at the Quarantine facility, the returnee(s) is processed by facility and health staff in PPE.
  • Following departure from the managed isolation facility, the positive case(s)’s room is sealed for ten days, after which time it is given a deep clean.

On the matter of the Stamford Hotel

I would like to clarify a statement was made earlier today regarding the use of the Stamford Hotel.

I can confirm that the Stamford Hotel has not been used as a managed isolation facility. I can also confirm that, as part of our normal process to assess the suitability of a hotel as a facility, the Stamford is being assessed as a facility. However, no final decisions have been made.