Unite against COVID-19 becomes Unite for the recovery

We've changed now that New Zealand has moved down to Alert Level 1. 

While border restrictions remain in place, other rules and constraints on our day-to-day activities are no longer a requirement. 

The COVID-19 pandemic still exists globally, even if it has been stamped out here in New Zealand. To keep COVID-19 at bay, we all need to keep practising good hygiene and following the golden rules of Alert Level 1.

As we return to life without restrictions, the impacts of COVID-19 will evolve. Our focus will need to shift from keeping ourselves safe from the virus to the economic and social recovery of New Zealand. That’s why we are changing our focus — and our name  to Unite for the recovery.

The uniteforrecovery.govt.nz website is a central place for information about a range of support to help New Zealand recover from the impacts of COVID-19. 

We will continue to update our website with programmes and information about services being provided by a range of central and local government agencies. We’ll also provide details about ways you can contribute to New Zealand’s recovery.

We’ve shown that we can do this. Now let’s do it again. Let’s get Kiwis back on their feet and thriving. Unite for the recovery.