Health requirements for cruise ships

The same vaccination rules for passengers arriving by air will apply to arrivals on cruise ships and recreational vessels such as ocean-going yachts.

That means anyone arriving by sea, unless exempt, will need to be vaccinated when New Zealand’s maritime border reopens at 11:59 pm today — 31 July 2022.

These health requirements are part of the planned reopening of New Zealand’s border to overseas visitors.

Being vaccinated reduces the risk that a visitor will need hospital care if they contract COVID-19.

That in turn reduces the risk of visitors having to use Aotearoa New Zealand’s healthcare system, adding additional pressure.

Exemptions to the requirements, for both air and sea arrivals, include New Zealand citizens, permanent residents, Australian citizens who are ordinarily resident in New Zealand, and children aged 16 years and younger.

Check the vaccination requirements

Cruise ship passengers will be asked by their booking agent or the operator for proof of vaccination for all eligible passengers. 

Cruise operators will then need to provide information and evidence to the New Zealand government that the eligible passengers have provided this proof.

Passengers on board other types of recreational vessels will also need to show their proof of vaccination to NZ Customs before arriving. 

After arriving, passengers will need to comply with New Zealand’s domestic COVID-19 requirements around mask-wearing, and testing. If they test positive for COVID-19, or become a Household Contact, they will need to isolate on board.

On the advice of public health officials, asymptomatic travellers arriving on cruise and recreational vessels will not need to self-test after arriving.

Crew and passengers arriving on cargo and fishing vessels must continue to self-test if they are planning to disembark, but do not need to be vaccinated. 

How to enter New Zealand by sea

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