COVID-19 data and statistics

The Government collects and publishes a range of data and statistics about COVID-19 in New Zealand. Access the latest data.

Vaccinations uptake in NZ

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The Ministry of Health collects data and statistics about the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in New Zealand.

  • 96%

    Eligible population 12+ with 1 dose

  • 94%

    Eligible population 12+ with 2 doses

  • 4,037,775

    First doses administered

  • 3,956,708

    Second doses administered

  • 1,210,768

    Booster doses administered

Map of COVID-19 vaccinations around New Zealand

Check our vaccinations map to find out how many people in your DHB or small area have been vaccinated for COVID-19. You can get data for the whole population, and the Māori and Pacific populations.

COVID-19 vaccinations around New Zealand

COVID-19 cases

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The Ministry of Health collects data about cases of COVID-19, clusters, locations of interest and testing in New Zealand. This includes:

  • Current COVID-19 cases
  • COVID-19 case demographics
  • Source of COVID-19 cases
  • Testing for COVID-19
  • 4

    Cases in hospital

  • 105

    New community cases

  • 45

    New cases at the border

  • 11,713

    Total community cases in current outbreak

NZ COVID Tracer app

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The Ministry of Health collects information on how much people are using the NZ COVID Tracer app. More data is available in your app dashboard.

  • 3,559,116

    App registrations

  • 2,589,764

    Poster scans in the last 24 hours

My Vaccine Pass

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The Ministry of Health collects information on how many My Vaccine Passes have been issued. 

  • 4,958,903

    My Vaccine Passes downloaded total

COVID-19 data portal

Stats NZ has developed and maintains a COVID-19 data portal. It reports on economic, health, environmental and social aspects of COVID-19’s impact on New Zealand and its recovery.

COVID-19 data portal | (external link)

COVID-19 modelling reports

The Ministry of Health publishes a series of modelling reports, which help us understand the future health impact of COVID-19 in New Zealand. 

COVID-19 modelling reports | (external link)

Resources for more data

If the data collected by the Ministry of Health or MBIE is not what you need, you can find more sources of data related to COVID-19.

Examples include the ESR dashboard, the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 dashboard and the ability to request more-detailed COVID-19 data if you’re a researcher.

COVID-19 data resources | (external link)

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