Download posters and resources for your household and business to help everyone keep safe from COVID-19.

Download posters and resources

You can view and download all our COVID-19 branded assets and resources, including posters for your business, through our COVID-19 Resource Toolkit. You can also download social media tiles to use, posters and resources in other languages.

COVID-19 Resource Toolkit (external link)

Resources are for small to medium enterprises. If you have the resources to do so or have a business at multiple locations, we can provide the files to print your own. Email us at 


QR code posters

Businesses and workplaces are no longer required to display a QR code poster but can choose to do so.

Note: You can no longer create new QR code posters. This service ended on 29 September 2022.

NZ COVID Tracer booklet

A simplified version is available for disabled communities:

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