COVID-19 vaccines (with audio description)

Get audio descriptions of the NZ Vaccine Facts animated series.

Your COVID-19 vaccine booster questions answered

About the NZ Vaccine Facts series

In early 2020, a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) spread quickly around the world. It caused a serious disease called COVID-19, which has since killed over 4 million people.
To protect those we love, Aotearoa New Zealand went into lockdown. We also introduced Alert Levels, managed borders, contact tracing and started sanitising our hands and wearing face coverings to stay safe.
Getting vaccinated is the next step to gain more protection against the virus, which will lead to more certainty for the future. Find out more with NZ Vaccine Facts.

Episode 1: COVID-19 and why vaccinations are important

Episode 2: What is a virus and how do vaccines work?

Episode 3: What is an mRNA vaccine?

Episode 4: Do vaccines work when a virus changes?

Episode 5: Are vaccines safe?

Episode 6: What are the benefits of vaccination?

Episode 7: How to get a vaccine and are there side effects?

Episode 8: What else we can do to protect ourselves and others?

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