Who can enter New Zealand

New Zealand's borders are now fully open to visitors from anywhere in the world.

Latest update — 31 July 2022

  • New Zealand's borders are now fully open to visitors from anywhere in the world.
  • This includes the re-opening of the maritime border to foreign-flagged vessels — including cruise ships.

Entering New Zealand by air

The following people can enter New Zealand now from anywhere in the world and self-test on arrival:

  • vaccinated and unvaccinated New Zealand citizens
  • vaccinated and unvaccinated New Zealand residents
  • vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents
  • unvaccinated Australian citizens who live in New Zealand
  • current temporary work and student visa holders with a valid visa who can still meet their visa requirements — this includes both visa holders currently offshore, and those in New Zealand who choose to travel overseas and wish to return
  • vaccinated travellers with a border exception
  • vaccinated travellers on a working holiday scheme
  • vaccinated travellers from countries who do not need a visa (visa waiver visitors)
  • vaccinated travellers arriving under the Accredited Employer Work Visa category
  • vaccinated travellers applying for a work visa in New Zealand
  • vaccinated travellers on tourist, visitor and student visas.

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Unvaccinated travellers

If you are unvaccinated you cannot enter New Zealand — unless you are exempt or do not need to have proof of vaccination.

Who does not need proof of vaccination

More information about visa categories

Visa waiver countries and territories | Immigration NZ (external link)

Accredited Employer Work Visa | Immigration NZ  (external link)

Check if you need to apply for a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) before you travel.

Apply for an NZeTA | Immigration NZ (external link)

Travelling from the Pacific

You can apply for a visitor visa to travel to New Zealand from a Pacific Island Forum country. The full list of Pacific Island Forum countries is on Immigration NZ's website.

Travelling from the Pacific islands | Immigration NZ (external link)

Entering New Zealand by sea

The following vessels can enter New Zealand now from anywhere in the world:

  • foreign registered commercial vessels such as freight or cargo ships
  • fishing vessels
  • specialist vessels used in research and exploration
  • foreign-state vessels with diplomatic status
  • ferries returning to New Zealand after repair or maintenance
  • recreational vessels — including yachts, super yachts and small craft
  • cruise ships.

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