Vaccination requirements for travel to New Zealand

Most travellers must meet COVID-19 vaccine requirements before travelling to New Zealand.

About our vaccination requirements

Most travellers must have had a full course of an approved COVID-19 vaccine to enter New Zealand. Booster doses are not required.

Vaccination requirements apply to:

  • passengers arriving by air
  • crew and passengers on super yachts or recreational boats arriving by sea
  • crew and passengers on cruise ships.

You need to provide proof of your vaccinations.

If you arrive by air, you will need to upload proof of your vaccinations to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration. 

If you are arriving on a cruise ship, follow the instructions of your cruise operator.

If you do not meet the vaccination requirements, you will not be able to enter New Zealand.

New Zealand Traveller Declaration (external link)

Who needs proof of vaccination

You must provide proof of vaccination to enter New Zealand if you are:

  • not a New Zealand citizen or resident
  • not an Australian citizen living in New Zealand
  • foreign air crew arriving in New Zealand
  • foreign maritime crew and passengers arriving in New Zealand on all recreational vessels — including cruise ships, super yachts and small craft.

Vaccination exemptions

You may be able to get an exemption if you travel to New Zealand from a country with no, or limited access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Apply to the Ministry of Health for an exemption, along with evidence of why you have not been vaccinated. The Director-General of Health will decide if you can get an exemption.

Check if you qualify for an exemption, and apply on the Ministry of Health website.

Apply for an exemption | Ministry of Health (external link)

If you have recently recovered from COVID-19

If you have had 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, but cannot have your next dose because you recently had COVID-19, you must provide proof.

You need to get a letter from a health professional — for example, a doctor — confirming:

  • you have recently recovered from COVID-19, and
  • you must wait before receiving your next dose.

Upload this letter to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration, along with proof of your first dose.

Who does not need proof of vaccination

You do not need to have proof of vaccination if you:

  • are a New Zealand citizen
  • have a New Zealand residence class visa — either a permanent resident or resident visa
  • are an Australian citizen living in New Zealand
  • are a child aged 16 years and under
  • cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons — you will need electronic or paper evidence from a health professional such as a doctor
  • are a refugee arriving in New Zealand for the first time
  • are a citizen of Afghanistan and you are being evacuated
  • have been granted a visa under the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa Policy; or if you are or were ordinarily resident in Ukraine at any point on or after 1 January 2022
  • are arriving from Antarctica
  • are arriving in New Zealand on a trade, cargo or other specialist (Category 1) vessel.

Approved vaccines to enter New Zealand

To be eligible to enter New Zealand, you must have had a full course of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. A full course of some of the approved vaccines is 1 dose only.

You do not need a booster dose.

You can have doses of different vaccines if that combination is approved in the country you were vaccinated.

Each vaccine must be on the list of approved vaccines.

How to provide proof of vaccination

You need a digital vaccine certificate or an electronic or paper document from a government health authority or approval authority confirming you have been vaccinated.

Your evidence must confirm you have received a full primary course of COVID-19 vaccines and include:

  • your name
  • name of the vaccine or vaccines you received
  • name of the agency that administered them
  • name of the country where you were vaccinated
  • date of each dose or date when you completed your primary vaccination course.

How to upload your proof

If you are travelling to New Zealand by air, upload proof of your vaccinations to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration.

How to upload documents to the New Zealand Traveller Declaration (external link)

If you need help completing the Traveller Declaration, you can contact them by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


If you were vaccinated in New Zealand

Download your International Travel Vaccination Certificate from the My Covid Record website.

My Covid Record (external link)

If your vaccination certificate is not in English

Overseas vaccination certificates do not have to be translated into English. If you have an English version, or if you can easily get one, we encourage you to bring this with you.

Examples of accepted vaccination certificates | New Zealand Traveller Declaration (external link)

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