Travel from New Zealand

Advice for New Zealanders and residents in New Zealand who want to travel overseas.

Check the requirements of your destination

It is your responsibility to check you meet the requirements for your overseas travel

Your destination, transit location and transport operators may have their own testing and vaccination requirements.

You may not be allowed to travel if you:

  • have COVID-19 symptoms
  • do not meet any vaccination requirements
  • do not meet the health requirements of your destination.

Before you travel, check the travel advice for your destination and any transit locations to learn about their entry and exit requirements. If you are unsure, contact your airline, travel agent or the relevant government department in the country you are visiting.

Travel to the Cook Islands and Niue

Travelling to the Cook Islands from New Zealand

You can travel between New Zealand and the Cook Islands without having to go into managed isolation or self-isolation when you arrive. This is called quarantine-free travel (QFT).

Normal immigration rules still apply.

Check what you need to do to travel to the Cook Islands (external link)

Travelling to Niue from New Zealand

Niue's borders are now open. All travellers must:

  • be vaccinated
  • have proof of travel insurance
  • take a PCR test 48 hours before their flight to Niue
  • complete the Niue Traveller Declaration.

If you are visiting Niue, you must book your accommodation in advance for the duration of your stay.

If you or someone you are travelling with tests positive for COVID-19, you may have to isolate and stay longer than planned. Make sure you have a plan for this.

Entry requirements for Niue | Government of Niue (external link)

Complete the Niue Traveller Declaration (external link)

SafeTravel advice for Niue | (external link)

Before you return to New Zealand

Check what you need to do before you enter New Zealand.

Preparing to travel to New Zealand

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