International travel

Information for air and sea travellers about entering and leaving New Zealand.

Key points

If you have COVID-19 symptoms when you arrive in New Zealand by air, we encourage you to take a rapid antigen test (RAT).

You can get free RATs at the airport, please take some.

Please report a positive test result by calling:

  • 0800 432 010 — if you are calling from a New Zealand phone number
  • +64 9 954 6118 — if you are using an international SIM card. Check with your phone provider as there may be charges.

COVID-19 and travelling in New Zealand (external link)

How you can help us

If your RAT is positive, we encourage you to also get a PCR test. These tests help us monitor new COVID-19 variants.

PCR tests are free if you arrived in New Zealand by air, so make sure to tell them you are a recent international arrival.

Getting a PCR test (external link)

Have a safe-as New Zealand summer

Get ready for a safe-as summer in New Zealand. Enjoy our summer by being prepared and knowing how to stay safe.

Have a safe-as summer (external link)

COVID 19 summer

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