Sole traders

Sole traders uniting against COVID-19  

Sole traders can: 

  • follow public health advice including washing and drying hands well before and after any contact with customers  
  • ensure surfaces that are frequently touched – such as desks, countertops, tools, electronics, and doorknobs – are cleaned thoroughly and often 
  • minimise the risks of exposure to COVID-19 by suggesting to your customers they let you know if they are unwell with a cough, fever, or shortness of breath and rescheduling work as needed  
  • apply physical distancing principles at work and minimise face-to-face contact with customers wherever possible. For example, a builder could give their client a call to tell them about any progress, instead of meeting them in person 
  • develop a plan for rescheduling work if customers have to self-isolate or become unwell  
  • reach out to business groups or industry organisations to share information and connect with others in similar situations.

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