NZ COVID Tracer booklet

Use the NZ COVID Tracer booklet to keep track of where you've been if you do not use the NZ COVID Tracer app.

If you use the booklet, we recommend you still sign contact tracing registers when you visit places like shops.

Download and print your booklets

Print whichever booklet you like most. You may need to adjust your printer settings to print as many of the blank pages as you want.

Print your booklets in other languages

The NZ COVID Tracer booklet is available in other languages.

Get your NZ COVID Tracer booklet in another language

Order the booklet

Each booklet has 30 pages, so will last someone around 1 month. If you're ordering multiple booklets, they come in a pack of 10. 

For yourself

Email us if you'd like a booklet and are unable to print your own.


For your organisation

If you’re an organisation with a wide reach to New Zealanders who may need this booklet, you can order copies to distribute to your communities. 


How to use the booklet

How to use the NZ COVID Tracer booklet: 

  • Keep your booklet with you so you can record your movements whenever you leave your house. The booklet can fit in your pocket, handbag or backpack.
  • Write in the booklet where you have been, what time you were there, how you got there and who you met there — if you met someone you know.
  • Use your booklet when you come into contact with other people, like in a shop, or when you cannot keep 2 metres away from others.

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