In an emergency

If there is an emergency — such as an earthquake, tsunami, flood, or fire — the usual emergency guidelines need to be followed.


If your smoke detector or fire alarm goes off, keep calm and follow your normal escape plan. If there is an immediate threat to your safety, evacuate calmly and quickly, but maintain physical distancing where possible.

Once at your evacuation area maintain physical distance.

If your life or property is threatened, always dial 111 and ask for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Civil defence emergency

If you feel an earthquake, drop, cover and hold during the shaking. If you’re near the coast, remember “long or strong, get gone”.

If you are advised by your local Civil Defence authorities to evacuate because of a tsunami, flood, fire or other emergency, follow the evacuation advice you are given. If you are told to evacuate, you should move immediately. You must not stay at home. 

If you need to leave your house, take your grab bag with you. Maintain physical distance from others at all times if you can, and if it is safe to do so.

Information about what to do in an emergency (external link)

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