How to book your vaccination appointments

When and how you schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointments will depend on which group you're in.

Group 1 — currently being vaccinated

Border and managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) workers

We’ll confirm your contact details through our records and your employer. A health worker from your regional DHB will then contact you about making an appointment to get vaccinated.

You can book your vaccination at the same time as your regular testing schedule.

When you get an appointment, you'll also be sent a link to an online form to provide details of the people you live with.

If you’re not contacted to make an appointment, talk to your employer.

Appointments for people who live with border and MIQ workers

When a border or MIQ worker receives their appointment, they'll be sent a link to an online form. They can use this to enter the details of the people they live with (their household contacts).

These people will be contacted about getting vaccinated after the rollout to border and MIQ workers has started.

If this doesn't happen within 1 week, phone Healthline on 0800 28 29 26 to confirm if their details are in the system.

Information sheets

Information for people who live with border and MIQ staff [PDF, 121 KB]

Group 2 — currently being vaccinated

High-risk frontline workers and people living in high-risk places

If you're a frontline healthcare worker, you can expect an invitation to be vaccinated from your employer, district health board (DHB) or health provider. If you have not received an invitation yet, speak to your employer or contact your DHB.

All other people in Group 2 can find more information about when they will be vaccinated, and how appointments will be made on their DHB's website.

Vaccine rollout information by DHB

Group 3 — being vaccinated from May

People who are at risk of getting very sick from COVID-19

If you’re in Group 3, you can expect an invitation to be vaccinated from your local DHB from late May. There are about 1.7 million people in Group 3, so you may not receive an invitation immediately.

With such a large group of people, DHBs need the flexibility to respond to the needs of their local communities. At times, this could mean vaccinating some priority groups ahead of others.

Everyone aged 16 and over will have the opportunity to get vaccinated. No one will miss out.

You will be able to get more information on your local DHB’s website once vaccinations for Group 3 start.

Vaccine rollout information by DHB

Group 4 — being vaccinated from July


We'll provide information about appointments for this group closer to the time they can be vaccinated.

These dates are estimates

The actual start times will depend on when vaccines are delivered. Changes may also happen if we get new information that affects how the rollout will work.

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