Accessing goods and services

Advice for accessing goods and services, such as food shopping, healthcare, waste collection and vets.

Goods and services available at all Alert Levels

These goods and services are available at all Alert Levels:

  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Fuel
  • Waste collection
  • Internet
  • Financial support

Food shopping

Supermarkets and dairies are open at all Alert Levels. Supermarket websites tell you if they have online shopping available for everyone.

If they are reserving online shopping for sick or at-risk people, we recommending you go to the supermarket instead of shopping online.

Guidance for shopping safely

If you need healthcare

Doctors, hospitals and pharmacies are open at all Alert Levels. Call your doctor before you visit.

How to access healthcare

Access financial support

If you need help, there is financial support available. This includes help with financial hardship from Work and Income and a mortgage repayment holiday.

Find out what financial support is available

Waste collection

Waste collection will occur at all Alert Levels.

Continue using your kerbside waste collection service to dispose of waste. Check your local council or private collector website and its social media platform regularly for updates on kerbside collection dates and recycling arrangements.

More guidance about waste collection

Funerals and tangihanga

Funeral directors will continue working at all Alert Levels. The rules for funerals and tangihanga are different for each Alert Level.

Information about funerals and tangihanga at different Alert Levels

Veterinary services

Veterinary services are available at all Alert Levels. If you’re self-isolating, you legally must phone your veterinarian before you visit them or they visit you.

Find nearby clinics by going to Find-a-Vet (external link)

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