Vaccine information for businesses

How employers can help their workers get vaccinated and information on workplace vaccinations.

Supporting workers to get vaccinated

A fully vaccinated workforce will help keep your workplace safe from COVID-19. You can help workers make an informed decision and encourage them and their whānau to get the COVID-19 vaccine by:

  • allowing them time off to get the vaccine
  • talking to them about their leave and pay entitlements if they need time off to go to their appointment or if they feel unwell after getting the vaccine
  • talking to them about the safety of the vaccine, and how getting vaccinated will help create a safe and healthy workplace for everyone
  • respecting their privacy
  • listening to their concerns.

Information from on vaccines and the workplace (external link)

Your workers may have questions about the vaccine. You can help them find out more by:

Workplace vaccinations

As part of the vaccine rollout, eligible workplaces will be able to provide vaccinations onsite.

Not all workplaces will be able to offer COVID-19 vaccinations.

Eligible workplaces will either:

  • be a large workplace or employer — for example 1000+ employees and able to vaccinate several hundred staff per site or
  • be a workplace that has high Māori, Pacific or ethnic populations and those who may find it harder to get a vaccination — for example, due to rural locations or shift work

And will:

  • have previously delivered a vaccine programme onsite and have an existing relationship with a vaccine provider and
  • be able to provide staff to undertake specified roles and responsibilities, particularly around worker engagement.

Find more information about workplace vaccinations | (external link)

Vaccination status

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary for most people in New Zealand. Anyone who works in high-risk border or managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) settings legally must be vaccinated.

Border and MIQ worker vaccinations

There may be religious or medical reasons why a person cannot be vaccinated. You cannot ask your worker to get vaccinated, unless they need to be vaccinated to perform a specific role in your business for health and safety reasons.

You can ask employees if they have been vaccinated but they do not have to tell you if they have, or why they chose not to. You cannot discriminate against employees who choose not to get the vaccination.

If your employees choose to tell you about their vaccination status, you cannot share this information with anyone without their permission.

A person's vaccination status is personal information | (external link)

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19

The vaccine is one part of keeping everyone safe. Keep doing all the things you have been doing in your workplace to stop the spread of COVID-19. Encourage everyone to scan in, wash or sanitise their hands, and regularly clean and disinfect surfaces.

Simple steps to slow the spread of the virus

COVID-19 Vaccine Business and workplace toolkit

This toolkit contains information and resources to help workplaces, non-profit groups and other organisations to support COVID-19 vaccinations in their communities. The toolkit will help you to support the national vaccine and immunisation programme — and most importantly, ensure your people are protected from COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Business and workplace toolkit (external link)

Vaccine Toolkit

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