How to use My Covid Record

Find out about using the website My Covid Record to access your COVID-19 vaccination records, My Vaccine Pass, and International Travel Vaccination Certificates.

How to sign up for My Covid Record

Anyone in New Zealand aged 12 or over can sign up for My Covid Record.

First, you will need to create a My Health Account, which allows you to access your health information online. You will need your own email address to create an account.

You will need to provide one of the following documents so we can confirm your identity.

A New Zealand:

  • driver licence
  • passport
  • birth certificate (from any year)
  • or citizenship certificate.

Or an Australian:

  • passport
  • birth certificate.

My Covid Record (external link)

Help using My Covid Record

If you do not have a unique email address or valid ID, need help with My Covid Record, or have a query about your COVID-19 records, contact the Ministry of Health team, 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. It will help to have your NHI number ready.

Phone: 0800 222 478

Your guide to signing up and using My Covid Record [PDF, 301 KB]

Signing up on behalf of another person

You can sign up for My Covid Record on behalf of someone else, if you have their permission. They will need their own unique email address. If they do not have an email address, call 0800 222 478 for help. It will help to have their NHI number ready.

Your privacy when using My Covid Record

We take your privacy seriously. Only you can access your secure My Covid Record. 

Your account must be verified with a valid form of identification so we know it is actually you. By keeping your account safe, no one else will be able to access your records.

Video: How to use My Covid Record

Vaccination status certificates

If you were vaccinated in New Zealand, you can request your vaccine pass through My Covid Record now.

My Vaccine Pass

My Vaccine Pass is an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination status for use in Aotearoa New Zealand.

How to get My Vaccine Pass

International Travel Vaccination Certificates

For international use, the details included on your International Travel Vaccination Certificate must match your passport.

International Travel Vaccination Certificates only show vaccines given in New Zealand.

How to get an International Travel Vaccination Certificate

Your vaccination records are available now

My Covid Record allows you to check your vaccination record is up to date.

The information in My Covid Record comes from the data stored in the national COVID-19 Immunisation Register (CIR).

Your NHI number is available now as a QR code

Accessing your NHI number as a QR code will make visiting places like COVID-19 testing sites quick and easy, as it allows us to scan the QR code to identify you. 

COVID-19 test results

You can now see recent COVID-19 test results on My Covid Record.

When you log into your account, you will be able to view all the test results you have had in the last 90 days, including the type of test and the date of the result.

If a test comes back positive, there will be a delay of 72 hours before it shows up in your My Covid Record account. This allows time for a health professional to contact you about your test result and provide advice.

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