NGOs and charities

Advice for NGOs and charities, and information about how you can support your workers and your organisation.

Accessible formats

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Guidance for NGOs and charities

All guidance that applies to businesses also applies to all other workplaces, including non-government organisations (NGOs) and charities.

Guidance for businesses at Alert Level 2

Keeping your employees safe

Along with businesses, NGOs and charities need to keep their employees safe while at work, including people doing voluntary or charity work. This includes ensuring limited physical interactions between employees, high standards of hygiene and keeping a contact tracing register.

Guidance for how businesses can keep their workplace safe

Personal protective equipment guidance

If you did not use personal protective equipment (PPE) before COVID-19, you don’t need to now.

The Ministry of Social Development has provided guidance if you're a social service providing face-to-face contact in communities during COVID-19. It includes the basics of hygiene, and guidance about personal protective equipment (PPE) — who should use it, how to use it and distribution.

Personal protective equipment guidance for social services (external link)

Financial support available

NGOs and registered charities that meet the other eligibility criteria may apply for the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme. This scheme supports employers adversely affected by COVID-19 to continue to pay their employees.

Find out more about the Wage Subsidy Scheme and other types of financial support available

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