Alert Level boundary map

Alert Level boundaries help stop the spread of the virus.

Alert Level boundary map

Enter your address or click on the map for New Zealand’s Alert Level boundaries.

Refinements to this map are in development. This map is in beta, please provide any feedback via this form(external link) (external link).

Checkpoints locations

Checkpoint locations are included in the map. The New Zealand Police will be present at the following locations:

Northern boundary

  • SH1/Mangawhai Road (Twin Coast Discovery Highway)
  • Mangawhai Road / north of Coal Hill Road
  • Black Swamp, west of Rako Road
  • Mangawhai Road and Cames Road
  • Mangawhai Road and Ryan Road

Note:  Mangawhai Road also known as Twin Coast Discovery Highway

Southern boundary

  • Mercer off ramp / Koheroa Road – (South bound traffic on SH1 and Mercy Ferry road).
  • SH1 / Oram Road – (North bound traffic on SH1)
  • Mangatawhiri Road / Koheroa Road / SH2 off ramp (All East and West Bound traffic)
  • East Coast Road (Waharau Regional Park)
  • Pukekawa-Churchill / Highway 22 and Highway 22 / Logan Road)

A presence will also be maintained south of Port Waikato through the Limestone Downs area

Journey Planner

Plan your journey before you travel

Waka Kotahi's Journey Planner uses the latest travel time information, traffic cameras, and updates on delays, roadworks and road closures to help you plan your journey.

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Checkpoint updates

Journey Planner also provides updates on the latest traffic information at Alert Level 3 checkpoints.

Find out the latest traffic information at the checkpoints (external link)

Travelling across an Alert Level boundary

Travel between Alert Level areas is strictly limited.

Anyone wanting to travel into and out of an Alert Level 3 area needs to check whether they are permitted to do so.

You may go in or out of an Alert Level 3 area but only if that travel is permitted under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level Requirements) Order, or you have an exemption granted by the Director-General of Health under that Order.

Business travel permitted across an Alert Level boundary

Personal travel permitted across an Alert Level boundary

About the Alert Levels

Learn more about what measures we need to take for personal movement, exercise, education, work, business, travel and gatherings under each Alert Level. 

Information about Alert Level 1

Information about Alert Level 2

Information about Alert Level 3

Information about Alert Level 4