Government guarantees free vaccines for every New Zealander

The Government is investing $1.4 billion in New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination programme to ensure every New Zealander can receive a free vaccination.

The Government has confirmed for the first time the amount of money it has allocated over 2 years for vaccines and the vaccination programme.

Setting aside $1.4 billion for vaccines and infrastructure means New Zealand is well-placed to meet our COVID-19 challenges head on.

Of this, more than $1 billion has been allocated for purchasing vaccines and specialist equipment. $964.3 million is for manufacturer advance purchase agreements and the COVAX facility to support equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. $66.3 million is for specialist vaccine equipment, including purchase of syringes and related vaccine storage facilities and transport.

The remaining $356.9 million has been allocated for technology to support the rollout, funding for DHBs, ongoing support for Medsafe, and to stand up community immunisation centres.

In addition to the $1.4 billion, $30 million has gone into vaccine research and the potential for domestic manufacturing, and $75 million for Official Development Assistance funding to support Pacific and global vaccine access.     

This is a massive investment to continue support for what is the biggest single undertaking the health system has ever faced.       

We have secured sufficient doses to vaccinate every New Zealander for free and to also support our Pacific neighbours. Additional vaccines deemed safe and effective can be deferred for later use and further donated to support regional recovery.

New Zealand will continue to face uncertainties over the coming year as COVID-19 spreads and evolves globally, and it’s critical we keep investing in our health response to keep New Zealanders safe.