Reporting of the progress against recommendations to improve the COVID-19 response

Information on the purpose and background to the reporting on progress made against recommendations to improve the COVID-19 response system.

Progress reporting against the group's recommendations

The COVID-19 Independent Continuous Review and Improvement and Advice Group (CICRIAG) has conducted a review of the Auckland February 2021 Outbreak. They have proposed that all recommendations from this review and previous reports should be actively monitored and reported upon monthly.

A number of agencies have already begun their own work to consolidate recommendations from a range of reviews. The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s COVID-19 Group are coordinating with agencies to build a complete system-view of these recommendations and progress against recommended improvements.

A full stocktake of recommendations has been undertaken, along with the status of those recommendations.  Accountabilities for recommendations will sit with appropriate agencies, and progress will be monitored by the COVID-19 Group.

These reports are intended to provide assurance to Ministers, and the public, that the COVID-19 Response system is learning and adapting over time.

Details of the reporting

Recommendations have been grouped into themes to provide reporting on the system trends. 10 themes have been workshopped and developed by a group of representatives from key agencies/groups involved across the COVID-19 Response system.

These themes are:

  • Policy & Process review
  • Data, information, privacy & technology
  • System governance, accountabilities & leadership
  • Workforce sustainability & resilience
  • Communication & Engagement
  • Equity & Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Infection prevention & control
  • Strategy, Planning, Economic, & Assurance
  • Equipment e.g. Facilities and capital pieces
  • Other – not yet defined