Use this website for free from your mobile

Access for free from most mobiles. Even if you do not have any data on your device, you can use our website.

Any mobile phone, smartphone or digital device that can access the internet on the Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees or Skinny mobile networks can access this website for free, or at little cost.

Even if you do not have any data on your device, you can use our website.

How to access this website for free

Make sure your mobile data is turned on, then enter the address of this website —

Small cost to use some parts of the website

We have removed the cost wherever possible, but we use some website add-ons that use a small amount of your data, if you have some. In most cases, this will be less than a cent of your data allowance per visit.

If you access YouTube videos or other external content hosted on this website, you will be charged your usual mobile data rates.

Wherever possible, we will make it clear when a link will take you to an external website.

Networks not included

If your mobile data provider is a reseller of data from another telecommunications company, unfortunately, you will have to pay regular costs.

These providers are not covered:

  • Warehouse Mobile operating on the 2Degrees network.
  • Digital Island, CallPlus/Slingshot, Compass operating on the Spark network.
  • Black+White, Orcon, M2 operating on the Vodafone network.

More information

Using this website for free is part of the Sponsored Data initiative, and is paid for by the Ministry of Health.

How you can access health information for free through the Sponsored Data initiative (external link)

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